Morgan's Companie Stone Lagoon 7/09

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Photos by myself and Laura Dodd from the Morgan's Companie invite-only annual boating event.

My little diesel wagon pulled the dory skiff just fine, here stopped for food in Eureka.

Sailing the dory skiff over to the camp through the seafog.

Ace and I sailed over to help collect the womenfolk.

Me at the helm.

Laura's photo sailing up to the camp point.

Laura's photo of the cove's beach.

Ed Frey's camp on the cove.

Since this event has been guys-only for a decade, the girls really got into their new masculine roles

The cove got quite crowded with boats as more folks showed up.

Boats in the cove.

View from camp.

Saturday morning we found the first clue in the Treasure Hunt.

Treasure Hunt boats pulling up at the first clue location.

Ace and I search the shore.

Rauri finds the next clue and the flotilla sets off down the lagoon.

Tortuga and the Jolly Boat race to the drowned tree.

Michael finds the clue.

Cap'n Morgan is a tricksey fellow!

The next clue sends us off to the Sunken Lands.

John & Pia in the Torguga race upwind.

The Sunken Lands held the final clue to where we searched on the sandbar.

Harvey, Holly and Tom at the sandbar.

Tony rowing up to the sandbar in the Piccup Pram.

Jolly Boat rowing up.

Boats on the sandbar as we head south looking for clues.

Kristin finds the clue.

Beneath the Bones - Yarr!.



Swords and Rum!

Sirens Forever!

Sirens Forever!

Me with my fearsome plastic sword.

Laura took this great shot of a block in the pram on the way back from the Treasure Hunt.

Ace, Rauri and me in the Lord Chamberlain.

Brian rowing into the cove.

Ken and his lovely dinghy in the cove.

Tortuga sailing back into the cove.

Tony and Laura back in the cove.

Back in the cove.

The ladies show off their damp posteriors.

Back in camp Mike shows us how to light a campfire.

Some of the tents are quite nice.

The Tavern Tent awaits.

Relaxing in camp.


A strange sailing dory sails into the cove - who can it be?

It is a friend of mine from the Wooden Boat Forum. His Swampscott dory is a thing of beauty.

Harv lowers the colours.

We reluctantly pack out on Sunday. Ace check the sails as Harvey rows towards the launching area in his skiff.

Ken rowing Holly back.

Kristin and Tony.

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