Albion River Row 3-8-08

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The Lost Coast TSCA chapter hosted a row from Schooner Landing up the Albion River, then back again for the traditional St. Paddy's Day potluck.

"X" marks the spot we and another boat had lunch before turning back.

The ramp at Schooner Landing is steep and short. The firepit is just getting going in the background.

We launched around 10am with the incoming tide.

The Lost Coast group has started building "community project boats", and here's the first launch of one with the proud owner at the bow.

Yes, the oarlock posts are purple.

My wife Mary came along this time. It sure is nice having someone to steer!

We rigged my dory skiff for sail even though decent winds were unlikely.

We took off upriver in a scattered group.

The wooden posts were boomed off to keep logs from stranding on the shoreline, so they'd all float down to the landing.

This fiberglass hull moved along very nicely, and is stable enough for the owner to use if for crabbing.

This dory is double-rowed with spoon oars and was very fast.

Four miles upstream is a long pull, but the weather was cool and the sun came out at lunchtime.

This Dog Hole Dory is based on Gardner's Chamberlain gunning dory, and is often sailed as well as rowed.

We hooked up with these friendly North Coast locals for lunch at Deadman's Gulch.

The Gulch river bench was damp and slowly flooding with the rising tide, so we sat in our boats for lunch.

Heading back downriver, passing the two small houseboats and the lagoon area.

An unsteady breeze picked up, so we tried motorsailing back, and actually got a few nice tacks in.

Returning to the larger docks at the campground.

Everyone hung out and enjoyed the potluck.

Boats were pulled out one-by-one and trailered off. What a great event!

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