Korth's to Oxbox Row 2-16-08

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The Sac-SF TSCA chapter hosted a row from Korth's Pirate Lair Marina to Oxbox Marina in the California Delta.

Some folks came out the previous night, others launched their boats at the ramp.

Korth's is known for being one of the nicest marinas in the Delta, with lots of palm trees, shade, and a great picnic area. The Geigers and Dolls keep their wooden powerboats and other boats here.

Here you see the lineup of boats at the dock.

Richard Geiger admires a Redmond Whisp, one of the fastest pulling boats at the event.

Everyone got ready and we left the dock just after 9am.

We rowed northeast toward the Highway 12 bridge, then turned left up Georgiana Slough.

Here are most of the boats waiting for me to catch up at the entrance to Georgiana.

Some of us ate snacks before rowing over to the guest dock at Oxbow Marina.

Some new members pull into the Oxbow dock after rowing the Doll's Nutshell pram.

Rather than row the five miles back to Korth's, four boatloads of us turned Jim and Sunny's Redwing into a towboat. My dory skiff was tied to a bridle at the back....

...with Ed Foster's boat tied to mine, the Doll's boat next, and the Nutshell pram trailing along behind.

Others rowed and sailed back, including Richard, shown here sailing in light air near the Hwy 12 bridge.

Once we got back to Korth's, Bill, Richard, Ed and myself went out sailing, but ran out of wind and did a lot of drifting in the powerboat wakes.

We glided back to the Marina, then the musicians got out their instruments for several old-timey sessions. Most of us then drove into Isleton for a wonderful dinner.

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