TSCA Lake Mendocino Campout 9/29-30/07

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Hosted by Dusty and Linda Dillion, this event took place on senic Lake Mendocino, just north of Ukiah and south of Hwy 20.

My friend Ace and I launched Saturday morning into very light winds and rowed across the lake and around the point to the boat-in campground. The red line shows our afternoon light-air sail with some fun gusts at the end that brought water over the rail.

The north ramp was closed completely, and the south ramp by the dam was beach-launch only. The Lost Coast folks had the area clearly marked...

Dusty is rowing his Jersey Beach skiff after visiting with some kayakers. Several other Lost Coast boats were there, including Steve in his bateau, and (someone whose name I promptly forgot in) a lovely gig build by Ed Foster.

Ace lives just minutes away in Redwood Valley, but together we looked a bit like the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers -- or something.

Some other Lost Coast folks rowed over, visited a bit on Saturday and then rowed away.

Here's a shot of the two boats that spent the night on the beach, their owners comfortably huddled around a warm fire on the point above.

I woke up early and made coffee, then enjoyed the sunrise.

Sunday morning warmed up nicely. Here's my (in)famous Cabela's Truck Tent, with the short-beast-food-pole in front. Don't think it would really keep a montain lion out of my potatochips, though...

The Dillon camp, scene of some tasty meals and a bit of early-evening roistering....well, storytelling.

We went for a sail, or drift, or float, then packed up and tried to sail back. The usual light airs failed us and we had to row the final part back to the beach ramp area. A lovely trip!

Thorne's Dory Restoration Page

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