Lake Sonoma Trip 6/15-20/08

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Map of Lake Sonoma SE end

I needed to check out Lake Sonoma for a possible TSCA outing and campout. Most of my previous time in the area was many years ago in the pre-dam/lake era, so I took advantage of what I call "SuperBoat Sunday" weekend and trailered my dory skiff up to the lake on Saturday afternoon.

Setting up at the launch ramp.

Boat was loaded for "winter" camping -- ever notice how well a PFD works for holding maps?

My campsite at Quicksilver (which has been moved recently) was just to the right of Rattlesnake Island (now a penninsula) in the middle of the shore dead ahead.

Note the muddy shoreline near Quicksilver

With the water level so low, the shoreline was extremely muddy and slippery -- gotta get some new rubber boots...

Set up camp and managed to stay relatively warm with the help of a nice fire -- it got rather brisk (for these parts) on this nice clear night.

Island View camp is on the bluff just above the old waterline.

On Sunday morning, I rowed across the inlet to the Island View group camp -- good sheltered beach / anchorage in a no-wake zone. Looking back across the inlet to Quicksilver camp.

Climbed the hill to the flat topped ridge above the camp, great view and a woman hiker kindly took my portrait.

Rowed and sailed up the Warm Springs Arm of the lake, and the dropping water is exposing the trees in the flooded sections past Madrone Point

My built-up leathers for the Douglas oarlocks worked well, with none of the noise of the plastic clamp-on "leathers" that most rowers use.

Here's a small horizontal sweep of the lake near Island View group camp, taken from the flat knoll above the camp. Map for reference. -

Starting looking to the north towards Lone Pine and Madrone Point.

Panning east towards the channel to the Marina.

Continuing east.

And continuing to the south showing Rattlesnake "Island" and the edge of Quicksilver camp. The floating markers show the "no wake" zone that protects both Quicksilver and the east side of Island View's beach from powerboat wakes .

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