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On Saturday, July 8 the TSCA had a row / sail on Lake Natoma, hosted by Sunny & Jim Lawson of Davis. Lake Natoma is just downstream of Folsom Lake, right off Hwy 50 outside of Sacramento. Here the Drascombe explores the very thin water, discovering that we couldn't make it through a passageway normally accessible under the bikeway.

The other boats decide that deeper water is much nicer -- right about this time I high-centered on a bolder and had quite a time getting my dory off.

Participating boats included a glass Drascombe (smaller than the Lugger), two Rangley-like locally-made boats, a stretched Lowell dory skiff, and my Chamberlain dory skiff.

It started hot and got hotter -- this umbrella was much appreciated by the canine crewmembers as well as human ones.

We rowed across the lake and into the bay visible from Hwy 50, rafted up in the shade from the bikeway bridge, and enjoyed cookies and conversation.

Then we rowed back to the picnic and beach area near the launchramp for lunch in the shade.

These Canadian tourists were really enjoying the park.

I walked down to the shore and took phots of all the participating boats.


Everyone else took off after lunch, but since I was already launched and rigged for sail, I sailed up and down the end of the lake for several more hours until the sun started to get to me. A very nice event!

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