Noyo River Row, 4-19-2008

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Towed the boat up 101 to Hwy 20 to Ft. Bragg, and sling-launched her for the first time.

The Lost Coast TSCA has access to warehouse space and the launching crane right near the mouth of the river at the highway bridge.

The row to Dolphin Cove Marina was short but windy.

The Coast Guard was keeping watch on the harbor -- no boats were allowed to go to sea as the waves and wind were too high. The State's 'blockade' of all sportfishing is also being strictly enforced.

Here is Dolphin Cove Marina, with a large and lovely ship side-tied out on the river.

The double-rowed Whitehall was followed by the dory skiff through the narrow entrance to the marina.

Our goal was the restaurant at the end, with plenty of dock space and good food waiting for us!

This gentleman saw us row past, hopped in his skiff and joined us for lunch.

Al Holston and I rowed back together.

The wind had picked up so much that retrieving the boats in the sling was difficult, so most of us tied up at the public launch ramp and brought our trailers to the south side of the river.

This young lady got to guard the boats.

Another nice Whitehall!

Bill pulls his dory out with the help of Dusty, Linda and a few others.

Al's faering. The rudder is under repair at his extensive woodworking shop nearbyt.

My dory skiff is ready for the long ride home.

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