We had a great turnout, with over 20 boats participating. Most launched from the Petaluma Marina, and then set up a car ferry to move the tow vehicles downriver to Gilardi's Marina and Papa's Taverna.

Most of us rowed up into downtown Petaluma for a quick beer, under a bridge so low that I had to pull my 16' mast.

With one oarlock coming loose and unwilling to row when I could sail, I rigged my boat at the dock and raised sails under way (a new experience when singlehanding) and sailed the entire way to Papa's.

Everyone rowed past me before the highway bridge, but the wind picked up and I gradually sailed back through the 'fleet', jib flapping around as I didn't have any 'foredeck crew' to pole it out with the boathook. Local boatbuilder Ed Foster was the only other person to sail most of the distance.

Lunch was great Greek food, but the wind and current had picked up to the point that getting the boats upwind to the minimal ramp was a real challenge.

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