Duncan MacPiddle's Page

Hi! My name's Duncan MacPiddle, and I'm a mixed Retriever/Pointer puppy. I was born in late October 96, and came from the Concord ASPCA's Animal Rescue program. My primary activities are sleeping, eating and drinking, getting rid of the old food and water in the most expeditious manner possible, and chewing. Learning to bark, irritating the cats and playing with people are the next thing.

I had to pose for these SILLY pictures .....since the people I live with are kinda geeky and insisted on making this lame website for me. If they were any good at all, I'd have a site like CyberDog's. Our house is in Richmond, and has a big bay laurel tree in the backyard where I like to hang out. I usually wake up my people at night, usually after I've made a puddle or two for them to step in. But I enjoy a brisk stroll around the block anyway, no matter what time it is.

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