Albion River Row 3-07
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I drove up to Albion for the TSCA Lost Coast chapter's Albion River Messabout on St. Patrick's Day, 2007. The only person I knew from our SF/Sac TSCA group was Lee who attends both Lost Coast and SF/Sac chapter events, but everyone was very friendly.

While everyone was getting launched and ready, I rowed down to the mouth of the river and the highway bridge, followed by curious sealions. When I rowed back up to Schooner Landing's launchramp, the others had rowed on ahead so I followed upstream. With shallow water and flukey winds, we all rowed except the two guys in the faering, who managed to sail up and back with only a bit of oar-work.

Most boats passed me heading back as I was rowing up, and I got a number of nice photos. The two houseboats near the old loop were very pretty, but I rowed past on up around the bend to the flat where the old log ramp ran down into the river.

I beached my dory skiff in a handy creek and walked around for awhile, then headed back downstream. There was still lots of good Irish food and drink at the landing, and everyone celebrated quite a bit. We got a nice group photo at the end, with Stan the organizer showing off his new orange Crocs, which had so basely betrayed him on the launch ramp earlier in the day by slipping.

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