First Captain's Company,
The Earl of Stamford's Regiment of Foote

Orders for Drill with Pike

Taken from Lloyd's Blewe ROF _Drillbook_ based on Thomas Callaway's "Manual of The Compleat Militiaman,
Armes, Equipment & Drill of the St. Maries Citty Militia", as modified by Bill Craig, Acting CO of Lloyds

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Basic Pike Drill.doc (Word 6)
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Contents Order & Advance Shoulder & Port  Charge your Pike Charge to Horse & Recover  Lay Down Pike, Handle, Recover Secure & Trail Salute

These are the orders as described in the following chapter:

Order your pike

Advance your pike

Shoulder your pike

Port your pike ( from "advance" )

Charge your pike ( return to "advance" or "shoulder" )

Order your pike to close order ( from "order" )

Charge to horse and draw your sword

Recover your pike and put up your sword ( retire to "order" )

Lay down your pike

Handle your pike

Recover your pike ( to "advance" or "order )

Secure your pike ( from "advance" )

Trail your pike ( from "advance" or "secure" )

Defend to the rear

Salute ( from "advance" or "shoulder" )
Phase I for all pikemen
Phase 2 for officers and all others at close quarters

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